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Roopa Pai

So You Want To Know About Economics

So You Want To Know About Economics

Publisher - Rupa Publications

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No. of Pages - 158

Type - Paperback

'If you never had the time to plough through dreary Economics textbooks, but still want a flavour of its key concepts, illustrated with examples from daily life, this is the book for you." -Raghuram Rajan, former Governor, Reserve Bank of India.
Why doesn't the government simply print more money so that everyone has enough? Who decides that seventy Indian rupees is equal to one American dollar? How do you figure out what to price a glass of lemonade at the Diwali mela? Are economists really as boring as they look?
For answers to these and other mystifying questions, look no further than this fun book! (Psst! You may even catch adults sneaking a peek inside!)
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