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Dr. Seema Umarji Kulkarni

Pathology Gems A Poetic Approach

Pathology Gems A Poetic Approach

ಪ್ರಕಾಶಕರು - ಹರಿವು ಬುಕ್ಸ್

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Pages - 36

Type - Hardcover

The history of Pathology has roots in common with all other medical specialities, arising from time immemorial, when humans tried to find out the reasons for the ailments affecting them. The first to get noticed for obvious reasons was the gross features followed by the cellular details following the advent of the microscope. From the early Egyptian documentation to the end of the fifteenth century when Antonio Benivieni performed autopsies for disease diagnosis which was published in "De Abditis Nonnullis ac Mirandis Morborum et Sanationum Causis" (About the Hidden Causes of Disease), Pathology bloomed as a speciality in its own. With the tremendous metamorphosis from fifteenth-century gross pathology to the current era of molecular pathology and artificial intelligence, the concepts are magnificently coming to light. With many metaphors in use in the modern pathology, and the phrase that "What the mind does not know, the eyes do not see", this book is a humble attempt in providing the concentrated imaginative experience of the poetic structure, which coupled with representative diagrams can help the readers have co-relatable and longer-lasting impacts in their cognitive domains about the few chosen concepts of Pathology.

Pathology Gems: A Poetic approach, is concise and packed with essential information made easily accessible as a ready reckoner next to one's microscope during reporting and study time. Its poetic format has made it fascinating, easy to recall and reminisce the facts that often is a pathology resident's dilemma.

-Dr. Usha Kini.

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    Pemmaraju nagavalli

    It is very good gist of important topics in a few , look forward to see books like these in future